Cider Bar open every Friday from 5:00pm to 10:00pm!

North 2 South Cider Works

Welcome to North 2 South Cider Works in Lake City, GA.

Northern Roots. Southern Fruits.

Northern Roots - The Origins

The North 2 South Cider Works story stems back to a quaint, little farming community in mid-Michigan, where the 2 N2SCW buds blossomed.  Michigan is the third largest apple growing state in the US and boasts 73 cideries; the perfect incubation grounds for the 2 N2SCW saplings.

Southern Fruits - Rerooting and Rebooting

Life takes us in mysterious directions; in our case, from North 2 South.  Northern Georgia has some of the best cider apple production in the South.  So what do you do when life throws you apples?  You build a cidery that makes a delicious palatable beverage that is naturally gluten free, build an amazing tasting room and patio space, and invite all of your loved ones to join in and enjoy...cheers to today; another milestone in the blueprints of our lives! 

Northern Roots, Southern Fruits.